Relocate your City to New Coordinates! Gain a Strategic Advantage!

New Feature: Relocation Pools!Archons!
Have you allowed your opponents to gain an edge over you? Are you looking for a better location for your City? If you would like to be closer to your Pantheons and Coalition Members, you will be pleased to know that the gods have shown you favor!
From now on, you can relocate your City to a new location on the Map by using Relocation Pools. On the Map, you will see new places called Vacant Lots. These are designated locations to which you can move your City. When a City is relocated, it will leave behind a Vacant Lot. Vacant Lots cannot be raided, besieged, spied upon, etc.

Relocation Pools are special items that are used to change the location of a City. There are 2 types of Relocation Pools:
1. A Pool of Fate can be used to relocate a City to a random Vacant Lot.
2. A Pool of Fidelity can be used to relocate a City to a specific Vacant Lot.
After relocating your City, you will need to wait about 5 minutes before you can use another Relocation Pool.

BE ADVISED: Once you relocate your City, you CANNOT move it back to its previous coordinates.

These new Items are now available in Special Offer Packages!
Get a Relocation Pool today! Expand your horizons and improve your City’s strategic position!