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Got questions about Sparta™? Click here to get all the answers you need to start playing this strategy MMO game!

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How To Play

Here are a few easy-to-follow tips and tutorials to help you get off to start playing Sparta: War Of Empires™!

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Welcome to Sparta: War of Empires™ Official Site!

Take control of ancient warriors, master ancient weaponry and grow your resources in your bid to lay claim to the throne of Sparta! Play Plarium's Sparta: War of Empires today!

Sparta: War of Empires™ is a competitive Massively Multi-player Real Time Strategy Game (MMORTS) game that takes place in 5th century BC ancient Greece. Xerxes and his giant Persian Empire have set their sights on conquering Greece, laying waste to the lands of Hellas.

You, as leader and Archon of your City, must raise a powerful army, build your City from the ground and work together with other players to free the lands of Greece once and for all.

Do you have what it takes to conquer rival players and claim your place as the rightful ruler of free Greece?