Get The Most Out Of Emporia!

Emporium GathererArchons!

May Zeus be praised, for we have been blessed by the emergence of a new Item! Using it will make reaping the Rewards of Emporia easier than ever before!

The main facts are as follows:

The Emporium Gatherer: this Item boosts the speed with which Resources are gathered from Emporia. Note: in order to benefit from the boost, you will need to activate this Item before your Units arrive at the Emporium. Any Emporium captured while the Item is active will benefit from accelerated Resource gathering until that Emporium expires.

The time is right to put your army to work, Archon! Simply activate the Item and send Units to conquer an Emporium. They will gather valuable Resources much faster until the Emporium expires!

Take note: The Emporium Gatherer shall not work on Emporia that were already captured before the Item was activated, or after it expires. Keep this advice in mind, Archon!

See that it is done, Archon! The more Emporium Resources you can secure, the faster we can purge our lands of this Persian Peril!

Basileus Leonidas