Conquer your rivals and earn your rewards!

The ruler games!Archon!

The legendary Rulers’ Games is upon us once again!

This world-renowned PvP Quest gives all willing Archons the chance to test the might of their army against that of their rivals to find out who truly rules over Hellas!

The rules are simple: destroy enemy Units, attack enemy Cities, raid Colonies and Pantheons and defend ones of your own to earn rewards.

The most successful Archons will receive Experience Points, Units, Scrolls of Wisdom and more!

Remember: your reward depends on how many enemy troops you destroy.

Attacking and defending Persian Positions will not count towards the rankings, only those Units destroyed when challenging other players will count.

Only Player versus Player (PvP) points affect your position in the rankings for this quest.

Fight with honor and dignity, and the Gods will surely grant you victory.