Reach The Supreme League For The Finest Rewards!


Supreme LeagueTournaments are a fine way of proving your strength against the other Archons of Sparta. By taking part in these incredible in-game Events, you can win a range of excellent prizes!

To level the playing field, similarly skilled Archons always grouped into Leagues. This means that everyone has a fair chance of achieving top spot! Remember: the higher you place in your League, the greater your Reward for the Tournament will be!

There will also be recognition for those who achieve greatness on a global scale. The best performers in any Tournament will earn their place in the Supreme League and receive an array of powerful Rewards!

It is easy to keep track of the latest standings from the Tournament window, in the Rankings tab. There you can find two subtabs: “My League” and “Supreme League”.

In the “My League” subtab, you can see how you are faring against the other players in your League, whereas the “Supreme League” subtab displays a list of the Archons who have made it to the very top!

Keep fighting to get spectacular Rewards! Only the best will conquer their Leagues!

Basileus Leonidas