Resource buildings (farms, mines, etc), barns and warehouses

One of the first things you learn when playing Stormfall: Age of War is that you need basic resources (food, iron and gold) to train units and upgrade buildings between many things. The resource buildings (townhouses, mines and farms) are very important and is convenient to build the maximum number of them as upgrade them as soon as possible since your resource production will help you to train the troops you will use to play and upgrade the level of our castle’s buildings.

It is also important to upgrade storage buildings (warehouses and barns) as the production buildings, or we won’t have place to store the resources we produce, it is recommendable to raise both types (production and storage) at the same time. To expedite the process of improving your buildings you can use boosts that you can get with the league daily missions or you can buy them with the discounts the game offers, and to improve several buildings at once you can hire with sapphires one or more artisans.

We can also find three complementary buildings that will be also very important to upgrade, Spring of Life, Forge and Dungeons, which will help to accelerate the production of all the three basic resources. Do not forget to buy the altar of Weor and upload its level, once you have all Lost Arts discovered and level up the House of Unity you will get an extra bonus to the production of the resources.

How to use the market

The Market is very useful to trade resources and scrolls that you need in order to discover Arts. Is basic to upgrade it as soon as possible as the Market will help you to trade basic resources (food, gold and iron) between players in any case you have excedent or need any resource. The quantities vary depending on the player’s necessity and you will always have the choice of checking existing offers to choose the appropriate one for you.

You will be able to trade scrolls as well, in this case you can’t change the quantity, it will be always a one for one no matter how many scrolls you have or which type or number. Both trades, scrolls and/or resources, will give you the option to classify existing offers by using the drop-down menus, where you can choose between all the offers, your league, friends, allies or your own offers.

How to get maximum caravan capacity of 36K

To reach the maximum capacity level of your caravans, you should upgrade the Market to level 20, build and upgrade the Thieve’s Guild, and upgrade the Trader’s Inn to increase the speed of your caravans as well. You can also increase the capacity of your caravans by applying Soulstones in the Black Market. Once this is done, all this you will get a 32k capacity in each trade. To reach the 36k you will need to activate your parangon at level 10 which will give an extra 4k to the capacity. Have your caravans at their max. capacity will always help in trades or shipments with your teammates, friends or allies.