Now Available At The Market- Scythian Marauders

Scythian MaraudersArchons!

The Scythian King has graciously allotted his most valued riders and steeds in order to keep the Greek lands free! As a sign of his allegiance he has sent his best marauders to help us raid with more speed and vengeance!

You may now greatly expand the distance and efficiency of your raiding using the skills of these Scythian Marauders.

The Marauders have the best horses in all of Greece which allow them to move with incredible speed to reach even the most distanced Cities and return to you with their riches!

Yet remember, Archon that these riders are not warriors!

Though armed, they are no match for a trained defense.


Use them after your great victories to pick clean the riches of your vanquished enemies, or send them into battle only with an overpowering offensive escort.

Go to the Market to bring them to your City!

Basileus Leonidas