From now on, ALL Tutorial Missions, Tournaments, Campaign Missions, Bonus Tasks and other Quests will be collected under one icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

All Quests will now be conveniently categorized:

Quest Interface Redesign!

Completed – Quests found under this header have already been completed. YOU MUST collect your rewards from the Quest window to add them to your account.

Tutorial – These are Leonidas’s training missions for new Archons. Some of his instructions are complex, so take the time to learn how to complete basic tasks. If you want to skip ahead, then refer to the Help menu.

Time-sensitive – These Missions will only last for a set period of time. Remember to check this window often to avoid missing out on assignments.

Military – These Missions are related to your military activity. They include tasks that involve building up your forces and interacting with other Cities.

Construction – These Missions will help you develop and fortify your City.

Agreements – This category contains a list of Agreements you are recommended to sign and update.

Miscellaneous – Here you will find all other Missions that can provide extra rewards.

If you are new to Sparta, it is HIGHLY recommended that you complete Missions in the order they are listed. Otherwise, you could slow down your City’s development by depleting Resources inefficiently.

A well-organized army is an unstoppable force. Go forth and defeat your rivals with new, deadly efficiency!

Basileus Leonidas