Persian PositionChanges are afoot in Hellas! Enraged by your recent successes at their Positions, the Persian Armies are preparing themselves for colossal offensives all across the land. Prepare for the onslaught, Archons!

In order to stop the accursed Persians firmly in their tracks, the Council of Hellas has convened to formulate new guidelines with regard to engaging Persian Positions. These are as follows:

From now on, you will be able to engage 60 Persian Positions per day: 30 you can attack and 30 you can defend. The list will be updated every day at 00:00 UTC – the amount added to the list will be the same as the amount you completed the day before, meaning that the maximum for each day is 60 Persian Positions.

Persian Positions you are yet to emerge victorious from will remain on the list until you complete them. For example if you only succeed at 33 Positions, then only 33 fresh Positions will be loaded at 00:00 UTC, added to the 27 you did not complete. As previously, you will be allowed to level-up Persian Positions as many as 12 times per day. Be careful, Archon! Each new Level Position will be more challenging than the last!

May the gods grant your armies strength of nerve and sinew!

Basileus Leonidas