Participate And Be Victorious! Archons! The Marathoners have just arrived with great news. It seems greater rewards await those who participate in Tournaments! All Archons who participate in Position Tournaments shall now receive Read More

Archon! Great improvements in the game’s UI will now help you organize your strategic goals! Manage all your Timed Events from one easy-to-use window, where you can access Tournaments, Coalition Events, Personal Events, Read More

Archon! Good tidings: Wise new orders have been issued to all warriors. From this day forth, all Units you acquire at the Market will report directly to your City’s Acropolis, without a moment’s Read More

Conquer your rivals and earn your rewards! Archon! The legendary Rulers’ Games is upon us once again! This world-renowned PvP Quest gives all willing Archons the chance to test the might of their Read More