Sparta Coalition Capital

Archon! The gods have gifted their chosen warriors in Hellas with something truly remarkable: Coalition Capitals! The battle to rule Hellas has never been more fiercely waged, and you mustn’t attempt to strike Read More

Sparta City Defense

A message from the marathoners! Archon! The gods have granted us a new Item to make exerting control over Hellas easier than ever before! Take a look! The City Defense: this Item temporarily Read More

Sparta Imperial Class Units

Archons! The gods have bestowed upon you a most auspicious gift – the following new Imperial Units! -Imperial Cretan Archer -Imperial Myrmidon -Imperial Thureophoros -Imperial Spartan Promachos -Imperial Mounted Peltast -Imperial Agema Horseman Read More

Sparta Valentine's Day

Decorate Your City And Add To Its Defenses! Archons! Valentine’s Day is coming and the gods bring good tidings of new Items you can decorate your City with! Customizing your City with new Read More