New Coalition Achievements

Archons! The gods have bestowed fortune upon you and your Coalition! Like the succulent olives of Crete, new Coalition Achievements are now ripe for the picking! Work together with your fellow Coalition Members Read More

Persian Position

Archons! Changes are afoot in Hellas! Enraged by your recent successes at their Positions, the Persian Armies are preparing themselves for colossal offensives all across the land. Prepare for the onslaught, Archons! In Read More


Archons! The Gods of Hellas have bestowed a most auspicious gift upon you, in the form of a new, time-limited Event! Since Zeus himself was just a boy, we have never experienced such Read More

Sparta Coalition Capital

Archon! The gods have gifted their chosen warriors in Hellas with something truly remarkable: Coalition Capitals! The battle to rule Hellas has never been more fiercely waged, and you mustn’t attempt to strike Read More