Sparta New Building Levels

Use Upgrade Sketches To Unlock Special Bonuses! Archon! The Marathoners have brought word from Athens! Certain Buildings have been granted new Levels to gain powerful Bonuses and increase the power of your City! Read More

New Sparta: War of Empires Server

Rule The Ancient Lands of Hellas! Build A Brand New City On The Thracian Frontier And Make it Flourish! Archons! We bring you good news from the gods! From this day forth, all Read More

New Coalition Achievements

Update Your Agreements And Rule Hellas! Archon! Thanks to the gods, many of the Agreements in your City can now be Updated to even higher Levels! Updating Agreements benefits your City and armies! Read More

Sparta Blacksmith

Get Your General The Equipment They Deserve! Archon! Word has reached us from Athens regarding the imminent arrival of Blacksmiths – skilled Equipment breakers that will improve the breaking process immeasurably! Breaking Equipment Read More