The Travel Time Of Your Units Will Be Decreased!

A message from the Marathoners!

Archons!New Unit Travel Time!
Some time ago I sent a group of wisemen to try to locate a lost tribe. According to rumors, this tribe knew the secrets of swift movement.

As the days went on, the messages from our wisemen grew fewer and fewer. But at last, they have returned!
The knowledge that was shared by the lost tribe will be invaluable to us, Archons. We now know how to decrease the travel time of our warriors.

The lost tribe taught our Units how to cover 3 times as much ground, with the same amount of effort. It took our wisemen some time to get the method right, but it was well worth the wait.
Now that we have mastered the skill, the travel time of all Units venturing off to battles will be 3 times as fast. Due to this new discovery, all Spying missions will also be completed 5 times as fast as they previously were!

Use these opportunities to crush Xerxes and his army – as well as your rivals. Be merciless to your enemies!
Basileus Leonidas