Rule The Ancient Lands of Hellas! Build A Brand New City On The Thracian Frontier And Make it Flourish!

New Sparta: War of Empires ServerArchons!

We bring you good news from the gods! From this day forth, all Archons are granted permission to rule over a second City on a new Server. If an Archon is tired of being raided by stronger, more experienced players, then this is their chance for a clean slate!

Now all Archons have the opportunity to develop a new City from the ground up. For those interested in a fresh start and wanting to know how to play on a new Server, pay attention:

Open the “Settings” menu in the top-right hand corner of your screen. Then, click the “Server” button and select the Server you wish to play on. You may also access the “Switch Server” menu by clicking on the Server title along the top panel, next to your City’s name.

This allows you the opportunity to rule over 2 separate Cities on 2 different Servers, or to simply switch Servers forever and start over in a new City – the choice is yours.

This is your chance to make your mark on Hellas! Become part of a new Coalition, conquer your rivals, and destroy Xerxes’ armies! Use your experience to your advantage, and don’t repeat your mistakes.

Basileus Leonidas