Devastate Enemy Cities with Greek Assassins!


politicalThere are many ways to wage war… and not all of them are honorable. It is with some distaste that I announce a new class of agents that you may wield against your enemies in our struggle: Political Units.

Political Units are single-use operatives, provocateurs, and assassins that can be quickly deployed against enemy cities with devastating results. Dissent, poison, and treachery are but a few of their specialties…

first, we shall deal with assassination.


Assassins – long the favored weapons of politicians, cowards, and kings – bring a new element to the battle for Greece. These specially-trained Political Units are armed with potent poisons, can use their extensive networks of contacts to attack any City in under 3 minutes from any location, and are completely undetectable.


– Maximum time to target of 3 minutes.

– Offensive capability is rated at a one-to-one damage point ratio against deployed combat Units at enemy Cities.

– The Assassin is a single-use Unit, and will not survive the attack.

– The Assassin cannot be detected once deployed, and will not alert your target of the impending attack.


– The Greek Assassin cannot be used against Pantheons.

– Single-use, meaning your Greek Assassins will not survive the attack.

– Archons will receive a new Raid allocation every 2.2 hours for further usage after 10 Political Attacks.

– Not deployable as a defensive Unit.

– There is no ‘Veteran’ status for Greek Assassins or other Political Units.

– There is no cancellation of an attack once the Greek Assassin has begun his attack.

Greek Assassins are available now at the Market. In time, other Political Units shall join their number.

May they destroy your enemies, and bring you victory!

-Leonidas, Basileus of Sparta