Conquer Them Before Your Rivals!

New PantheonsA message from the marathoners!


The gods have again bestowed a blessing upon us – new Pantheons have been found across Hellas!

The only places that offer any true hope of withstanding the tides of Persian forces that threaten our homeland. We mustn’t let these remain in Xerxes’ hands!

The Coalitions that rebuild and have control over these Pantheons will be able to use their strength to save Greece, project their power over surrounding territories and rise above their rival Coalitions.

A Coalition’s ability to conquer, hold and rebuild the Pantheons will determine the borders of its realm and its standing within Hellas.

Be forewarned: any Coalition that conquers a Pantheon must defend it from increasingly powerful waves of Persian forces. With each victorious defense from the Persian onslaught, your Coalition will receive Orichalcum as a reward.

This valuable mineral can be used to grant “Veteran” status to your Units, reducing their Grain consumption, increasing their strength and improving their overall effectiveness in battles. 

Find these Pantheons on the global Map, gather your Coalition and set out to conquer them before your rivals do!

Basileus Leonidas