Upgrade SketchesThe gods have blessed your City with a new Item – Upgrade Sketches!

Upgrade Sketches can be used to upgrade certain buildings in your City, increasing their bonuses and making them even more powerful!

You can purchase Upgrade Sketches from the Market, within the “Upgrade Sketches” section of the “Resources” tab.

And with Upgrade Sketches, comes further updates: now you can upgrade your Buildings to even higher Levels! Each new Level brings even greater bonuses.

Upgrade Sketches can be used to upgrade:

The Temple of Hephaestus
The Agora
The Acropolis
The Infirmary
The Port
The Harbor
The Lighthouse

Check in the “info” tabs for each of the buildings above to see which bonuses you shall receive with each Upgrade Level.
With so many buildings to upgrade, your Artisans will always be kept busy!

Furthermore, to Upgrade the Agora past Level 20, you must first upgrade the required buildings in your City to the required Levels. Only then may you Upgrade the Agora past Level 20.

Heed this message and head forth to victory, Archon!
Develop your City further and reclaim the lands!