Use Upgrade Sketches To Unlock Special Bonuses!


The Marathoners have brought word from Athens! Certain Buildings have been granted new Levels to gain powerful Bonuses and increase the power of your City! You can explore these types of building Bonuses by viewing the “Bonus” section in the Info tab of your Buildings.

You can now:

Sparta New Building Levels– Upgrade the Temple of Demeter, allowing you to grow your Grain stockpiles! From now on, as soon as you have upgraded this Building to Level 21, an extra 5% of fallen Units will be sent to the Healer after Battles.

– Upgrade the Embassy further to be able to have more Allies!

– Upgrade the Ephorate to new Levels to further increase Negotiation Speed, plus get a Special Bonus at Level 22: a permanent increase to the amount of Experience you gain from Battles!

– Upgrade the Acropolis to new Levels to further increase its Resource holding capacity, plus get Special Bonuses beyond Level 22: some of your Troops will be sent to the Acropolis automatically as soon as they are trained!
No extra Level has been added to the Agora. Remember, having a Level 22 Agora will grant Archons a Special Bonus: a permanent increase to the amount of Experience gained in battle! If your Agora is already Level 22, prepare your army for war: this Bonus already applies to you! If you are yet to upgrade your Agora, get to work on it now!

Use Upgrade Sketches to reach these new Building Levels and unlock the Special Bonuses they grant. You can get Upgrade Sketches from the Market, or earn them as part of certain in-game Events – like special Tournaments.

Take advantage of these new Levels to make your City the most powerful in all of Hellas!

Basileus Leonidas