Recruit Legendary Units from the Market to Overwhelm your Foes!

new unitsArchons!

Our Academics have succeeded in their search for two rare legendary creatures!

Moreover, they have learned to tame them. This means that starting today, you will be able to purchase two incredible new Champion Units at the Market: the Minotaur and the Manticore!

Thie Minotaur, half bull, half man, is a fearsome creature, capable of slaughtering many soldiers on one furious rampage. Unleash this beast on your most hated enemies to devastate their defenses!

The Manticore, a formidable mix of lion, dragon and scorpion, makes easy prey of men and horses alike, devouring them whole and leaving no traces behind. Its venomous spines contain a poison strong enough to paralyze its victims.

Use him to defend your City from raiders!

Take note of the following points regarding the new Champion Units:

– Both the Minotaur and the Manticore can be deployed either with Phalanx or Cavalry Units. Nevertheless you should use Cavalry to defend against these deadly monsters.

– You will notice that when sending these Units to a mission alongside with regular Champion Units, the supporting Units deploy with the regular Units first. Only then, when your regular Champion Units have full support, will your units begin to be deployed with the new limited-edition Champion Units

– When these limited-edition Champion Units are removed from the Market, they will not vanish from the game – you simply won’t be able to purchase them. You will still, of course, be able to revive them at the Healer and Infirmary, and use them as you deem fit.

Purchase these units now from the Market!

They will only be available for a limited time!

Basileus Leonidas