Revive Even More Units For FREE!

Incredible Infirmary Improvements!Traders from faraway lands have come bearing tinctures of wild herbs. These concoctions have shown remarkable healing power in treating battle wounds! Thanks to these new discoveries, you can now revive more Units at the Infirmary than ever before!

From now on, all Archons can Revive up to 30% of their fallen Units for FREE! Don’t have an Infirmary yet? I suggest you build one – there’s no time like the present! From the Infirmary, you can freely Revive up to 30% of Units lost in the defense of your City!

A Level 1 Infirmary will allow you to Revive 6% of Units lost in the defense of your City for FREE. Each time you upgrade the Infirmary, you will increase the number of Units you can freely restore by 2%, up to a maximum of 30%. Keep in mind that you may only use the Infirmary to Revive Units lost in the defense of your City. If you need to Revive Units lost outside of your City, you may do so at the Market with Drachmas.

Build or Upgrade your Infirmary now to Revive more warriors than ever before!
Basileus Leonidas