Arm Your General With Formidable Equipment!

Equipment Packs for your General


A new dawn has broken over Hellas! Generals have come to lead your armies into battle!

Your General is your greatest weapon in the fight against Xerxes! Equipping your General with special Equipment Items and upgrading these Items will grant your Units special bonuses that will enhance their statistics during battle. There are different Generals to choose from, but bear in mind that each Archon may have only one General.

If you have not yet selected your General, you can do so now by clicking the General icon in the top left corner of your screen! If you are hesitant about which General to choose, do not worry! Your General can be changed at a later time using a special Item – the General Selector. You are also able to change the name of your General whenever you like!

Items of Equipment received from battles are kept in your Inventory. These Items all have distinct qualities and improve the statistics of certain Offensive or, depending on the Item, Defensive Units. There are four types of Equipment Items: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary. You’ll receive Equipment Items as spoils of war when battling Xerxes’ forces at Persian Positions. Certain pieces of Equipment come locked in Coffers, for which you will require the appropriate Coffer Key to open. Keys can sometimes be recovered in battle, but should you be in need of a particular Key, you can get it at any time by visiting the Market. You can also upgrade your General’s Equipment, by breaking other Items into Pieces. Pieces can then be used to upgrade other Items. However, bear in mind that once broken, an Item cannot be mended – so think carefully before breaking.

A limited number of Equipment Items can be stored in your General’s Inventory, although it is possible to unlock additional Slots using Drachmas. This will allow you to store more Equipment. Once all of the Slots have been filled, you must either break Equipment Items into Pieces, or remove them in order to free up space. Once your Inventory is full, any Equipment Items you collect will automatically be sent to the Temporary Inventory. Items in the Temporary Inventory will be stored for 2 days, after which time they will be destroyed unless you move them to your Inventory OR equip your General with them. NOTE: If both your Inventories are full when new Equipment from battles is received, the newest Items will replace the oldest ones in your Temporary Inventory.

Now that you have all the information, it’s time to get to work! Start developing your General today!

Basileus Leonidas