Welcome to Hellas, a land torn apart by chaos, war and bloodshed. The Persian Empire, led by the merciless king Xerxes, is destroying the land, one city-state at a time. With no one to stop the Persian armies, all hope for Greece seems lost. This is the world of Sparta: War of Empires™, an epic MMO Strategy game by Plarium.

Set during the famous Greco-Persian Wars of the 5th century BC, Sparta: War of Empires™ puts the player in the leather sandals of a great Archon. As a diplomat-warrior leading their own City-state, the player must stand against the invaders and drive them out of Greece. Under the guidance of Basilius Leonidas, warrior king of Sparta, the player will master warfare, politics and diplomacy.

In the ruthless world of Sparta: War of Empires™, a sharp mind and tongue are as important in battle as a sharp blade.

Engage in Strategic Combat

Take control of your City, build it up and protect it against many threats and challenges. Harvest and manage resources to raise an army that won’t back down from any battle. With the help of the brilliant Spartan warriors and tacticians, you’ll train your soldiers to be the most fierce and efficient force in all of Hellas.

Sparta’s campaign will see the player facing off against Xerxes’ in increasingly tougher scenarios. Send your armies to attack Persian camps or defend Greek settlements from annihilation in intense PVE battles. As you fight more and more, new quests and conquest missions will open up, with more difficult enemies to vanquish.

But the Persians are not the only danger in Sparta: War of Empires™, as other Archons will attack you to try to steal your precious resources. Engage fellow players in strategic PVP battles, raid or siege their cities and return home a glorious victor with caravans filled with the spoils of war.

Sparta - Today Courage Tomorrow Victory!

Join with Archons from Around the World

Not everything is about warfare. Players will develop the skills they need to become a true diplomat and broker trade deals and alliances. If you so choose, you can join Archons from all around the world and form Coalitions. Fight together and coordinate massive attacks against the Persians or other Coalitions as you vie for control over all of Hellas. In Sparta: War of Empires™, you are stronger together.

Shape the landscape of Ancient Greece and gain influence over its lands and people. Turn your city into a beacon of hope in these dark times of war and eventually claim your place as the rightful ruler of free Greece.

Start your epic legend of war, strategy and diplomacy in Sparta: War of Empires™ today.

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