During your Sparta: War of Empires gameplay you will encounter a series of Persian Positions. These are strategically important strongholds under the ironfisted rule of Xerxes and his marauding Persians. As a warrior in Sparta, you will be handsomely rewarded when you take these positions.

The Oracle

10_tipps_5The Oracle will provide valuable information to you at key intervals. With Persian Positions you get to enjoy Current Strength indicators and Level indicators. Information about what your Archons have discovered will be found in Persian Positions Theorycrafting and Battle Calculation Theorycrafting. Read your Battle Reports for clarity on the Persian Positions.

As you advance through Sparta you will be required to raid enemy strongholds and claim their valuable resources as your own.

Raiding is essential to helping you equip your army with the necessary supplies and to power your way to higher levels in Sparta: War of Empires. To get started, simply click the Raid button to Send your troops into battle. Click the Map, hover over to the City you’re interested in raiding and then prepare to Raid.

These raids can be conducted over time, and there are 50,000 resource points per city that you can raid, inclusive of grain, bronze and timber. Archons typically raid farms with high yields and zero defenses. It is possible to walk into an ambush however, so it’s important to be careful other angry Archons aren’t present!

Prepare to Besiege Cities in Sparta War of Empires

10_tipps_4As soon as your troops step foot in enemy strongholds with the goal of taking over, you are laying siege to the enemy city. There are numerous benefits to besieging enemy strongholds, including a boost to your siege rankings, an updated map reflecting your name on the besieged city and the ability to form Protectorates.

Once you besiege other cities, you become the protector. It is possible to siege from the map, from within the enemy city, or from the war council.

Allegiances are integral components to the game in Sparta: War of Empires. Rewards are offered for all time spent playing the game. Every 30 days, you get the opportunity to claim valuable rewards. These include resources in the form of grain, bronze and timber, mystery chests, 30 minute dominion activators, boosts to production capacity and so forth.


10_tipps_1Spying is equally important in the game. Your scouts will be your eyes and ears on the ground in enemy territory. But first you must partner with Delphi and get your stables up and running before your scouts take to the field.

You will need to buy Scouts and then send them to other cities throughout the land. Use the maps to conduct spying missions.

Remember that there are several ways to get through the spying missions, notably the War Council and from within the Enemy City itself.

Now that you know what to expect Archon, you’re ready to confidently blaze a trail through Sparta: War of Empires to carve out your slice of the action. It’s brutal, gritty and fiercely competitive MMO action. Are you ready to show your steel? Find out by playing Sparta: War of Empires!