Claim These New Sites And Enjoy Free Drachmas and Resources!

Sparta EmporiaArchons, take heed!

New sites can now be found all over the map of Hellas – Emporia!

These are halls of various sizes where tradespeople of many different nations can be found buying and selling goods. Should you capture such sites, and protect them against the forces of rival Archons, you may collect tribute from the merchants, in the form of valuable Resources and currencies:

– At Farmer’s Emporia, you can collect Grain.
– At Woodsman’s Emporia, you can collect Timber.
– At Miner’s Emporia, you can collect Bronze.
– At Roman Emporia, you can collect Denarii.
– At Trader’s Emporia, you can collect Drachmas.

Unlike with Colonies, the number of Resources you can gather from an Emporium depends on the overall carrying capacity of the Defensive Units you have stationed at the site.

You will need BOTH Offensive and Defensive Units to Capture an Emporium, but the Defensive Units will NOT engage in the battle. All surviving Offensive Units will be automatically returned to your Acropolis. If you successfully “capture” the Emporium, the Defensive Units you sent will begin gathering Resources from the merchants, and loading their Ox Carts.

The number of Resources that they can bring back to your City depends on their collective carrying capacity and the Resource type (Drachmas are heavier than Grain, for example). Therefore, the more Units you have at the site, and the higher their carrying capacity, the more Resources you stand to gain!

If your Units are defeated at an Emporium, and an enemy takes control of it, any surviving Units will return to your City with the Resources they were able to collect before the attack.

You will be able to oversee Emporia under your control in the “Emporia” tab of the War Council interface.

By Attacking or Capturing Emporia, you can gain free Resources, Drachmas, Experience Points, Tournament Points, and/or Points for the Rankings!

Take note of the following:

– You must have built the Oracle in your City
– You must have Stables built in your City in order to dispatch Scouts .
– You must have built an Argentarium in your City in order to collect Denarii from Roman Emporia.
– You can only send Reinforcements to Emporia that you currently hold.
– If you send Offensive and Defensive forces to Attack (not Capture) an Emporium, all Units will participate in the attack. It is therefore not recommended to send Defensive forces on Attack missions.
– Initially, you can hold a maximum of 3 Emporia at a time, as indicated by the number of Ox Carts you possess. To Increase the number you can hold, visit the Academy and upgrade “Maximum Colonies and Emporia” to Level 30.
– You cannot send Coalition Attacks

May fortune be with you on your quest to conquer these valuable sites!