Sign Or Update Two Agreements At Once!


Sparta EmissaryThe gods have once again showered Hellas with the finest of Spartan gifts. Their latest blessing comes in the form of a new item: the Emissary!

Previously, Archons were limited to signing or updating just one Agreement at a time. However, purchasing and activating an Emissary will grant your City extra power, allowing you to work on two Agreements at once!

This new Item is only available as part of Special Offer packages and cannot be obtained on its own from the Market. Make sure to check your Special Offers regularly!

If a Special Offer containing the new Item is currently active, there will be a special icon whenever you view an Agreement. Clicking on this will take you to the Bank, directly to the Special Offer in which the Emissary can be found. From there, simply make your purchase to take advantage of all the benefits your new Emissary will yield!

After you have purchased your Emissary, you will need to activate it. To do this, go to Market > Misc. > Special, and click on the “Apply” button next to the Item. Alternatively, you can activate the Emissary directly from the Agreements window.

Your Emissary will benefit your City for 7 days after it is activated.

Although it is not possible to extend the duration of an Emissary, any Agreements being signed or upgraded at the time of this Item’s expiration will continue until finished

For example, if your Emissary has 1 hour remaining, and you order the signing of an Agreement lasting 2 hours, the Emissary will still finish the job.

Without Agreements we will surely fail in our quest to defeat Xerxes! Use Emissaries to put the Persians back in their place!

Leonidas Basileus