Grow Your Coalition Bigger Than Ever!

New Feature Coalition StandardsA message from the marathoners!


From this day forth, my personal advisory committee shall aid you in expanding your Coalitions, by granting you the use of Coalition Standards!

Coalition Standards are special items that are used to increase your Coalition’s maximum membership limit!

Upon reaching Level 50, Coalition Members will automatically begin receiving Coalition Standards for every 5th additional Level attained.

The rate at which Standards are earned will increase over time, as follows:

Level 50 – 1 Coalition Standard

Level 55 – 2 Coalition Standards

Level 60 – 3 Coalition Standards

Level 65 – 4 Coalition Standards
Starting from

Level 70 – 5 Coalition Standards.

To use these Standards and allow your Coalition to recruit extra members, go to the Embassy, open the “My Coalition” tab and look in the “Expansion” section. From here you can view how many Coalition Standards you and your Coalition members currently have available, as well as using your Standards to increase your membership limit.

Each additional Coalition Membership slot requires 20 Coalition Standards to be unlocked.

Make great use of this change Archons; become the most powerful Coalition in the lands and fell Xerxes’ forces once and for all!

Basileus Leonidas