CistasThe Gods of Hellas have bestowed a most auspicious gift upon you, in the form of a new, time-limited Event! Since Zeus himself was just a boy, we have never experienced such anticipation!

For the duration of this Event, you will be rewarded with Rare Garnets for every purchase you make at the Bank! Once you have collected the required number of Rare Garnets, you will receive a prize colossal in both scale and substance – a Cista Mystica!

There are several different types of Cista you might receive; each differs according to the Bonus Items it contains.

Once you have received a Cista, you are able to open it to start using the Items inside immediately or, if you prefer, you can find it later at the Market under the “Misc.” tab. All the Cistas you receive will be stored here unless used immediately. You can retrieve your Cistas and use the Items inside whenever you wish!

Beware, Archon! Any Rare Garnets you have accumulated will disappear faster than the sprinters in the Diaulos as soon as the event expires. Take advantage and seize your opportunity while there is still time!

Basileus Leonidas