Give Your Army The Support It Needs!

Champion UnitsA message from the marathoners!


My ephors tell me that many of you are finding that your warriors come up short against Xerxes’ giant army and their insurmountable numbers. We cannot let this continue!

At no sacrifice to yourself, and with no restrictions, I have struck an agreement with powerful warriors from outside of our lands – they have agreed to fight alongside your army and aid your quest to defeat Xerxes.

From today, some of the most powerful Champion Units in all of the lands are available for hire at the Market!

Champion Units will turn a well-armed rabble into an immovable force! When each Champion Unit takes to the battlefield, they take charge of particular type of units (Light Infantry, Heavy Infantry, Phalanx or Cavalry) and of their type (Offense or Defense), greatly improving their effectiveness. 

The more Units you have being led by a Champion Unit, the higher your Offense and Defense are!

There will be 2 new Champion Units available, both able to grant extraordinary power to your army:

– Cataphract: The Cataphract will lead the line during Offensive missions and will dramatically increase the Offensive statistics of Offensive Cavalry Units deployed alongside it.

– War Elephant: Whilst deployed alongside a War Elephant, Defensive Cavalry Units will gain significant bonuses to their Defensive attributes, and will be much more effective in Defensive Missions.

Your new troops await you at the Market, Archons!

Basileus Leonidas