Probably, there is a lot more to do in Sparta: War of Empires than you think. A lot of ways open up for you to improve your performance. As a consequence you gain more resources, more units and more power in the game. Find some tips that help you out in Sparta.

No pain, no gain

Sparta Imperial Class UnitsThere are several types of strong warriors to support you in your battle against enemies. But as always, you have to care about some improvements first to get the chance to have a stronger army. In Sparta: War of Empires, almost everything is connected to each other.

At first, you have to make sure you get enough resources from your buildings. Secondly, you have to take care of contracts to enable more special buildings and units. Always keep the time in mind that is necessary to upgrade buildings and sign contracts. Thirdly, you have to build up the defense for your city and enforce your army to ensure your effort was not for nothing.

Find allies

In times of war it is always good to have some backup. Looking at the map you can easily find other players you can offer an alliance. One big advantage is, that allies are 24-times faster at your city to help you out.

Another benefit is that you receive updates about their activities regarding spying for example. Be sure that your allies do not have anything bad in mind. Otherwise they could use this information for themselves or even against you.

Besieges and raids

Tired of collecting resources slowly? Click on the oracle and go out to raid positions or emporias to receive more materials. In addition you can find more units when raiding and of course you gain experience with every action you take.

Great bonuses are awaiting you if you are planning to besiege enemies. On the one hand you are hindering their income of new resources. On the other hand you are going to move up on a global besiege ladder. The more successful you are the higher your ranking will be. More success means more bonuses and benefits for you.

More activities in Sparta

Sparta ChallengesRecently, we talked about spying. Before you plan an attack against your enemies, it is always a good idea to send out some scouts. By doing this you know how strong an enemy is and how many resources he has.

There are several forms of events you can take part in. Some missions are only available if you are member or leader of a coalition. Some others are personal events you are free to start whenever you like.

As a reward you can receive strong units, resources and special items. These items for example can be helpful in the Sanctum of Asclepius. Here you can mix and activate elixirs to boost your units. By the way: You receive additional rewards by logging in on a daily basis. This is another easy way to receive more units, resources and items.

As you can see there is a lot of stuff to do in Sparta: War of Empires. Just think about trading which is also possible for resources and contracts as well. Or coalitions and their pantheons they can fight for. Just take a look and discover all the things Sparta has to offer.