Every beginning is hard. The more important it is to make use of some tips to avoid crucial mistakes. Eventually, it is always good to be one step ahead of your enemies, right?

1. The tutorial

Sparta ChallengesTo make it more easy for you to understand the game better, the tutorial is connected to missions. It is Leonidas himself who helps you making your first steps in Sparta. Regarding the experience and the rewards it is a good idea to follow these first challenges.

2. Take care of you resources

Essential for your success is bronze, wood and cereal. Make sure that you place all the buildings possible in your city to improve the production from scratch. For this action you have to look for farms, forges and lumberyards. Divine missions are a good option to receive more resources. You can find them by clicking on one of the symbols on the left of your screen.

3. Watch some Sparta gameplay

Why not taking a look at the cities of experienced players? Watch some videos about Sparta on Youtube to find some additional hints and tricks. You can also study common weaknesses and what the preferred units are.

4. Pay attention to details

MaraudersSometimes, knowing more than your enemies is the key to victory. Take a look at one or more guide and Sparta War of Empires test to boost your knowledge about the game.

5. Help is always by your side

You can find a help function on the upper part of your screen if any problems occur. There you can search for special terms you want to know more about or just discover more information about one or another aspect of the game. Watch out for the question mark button in the navigation.

6. It is all about time

Instead of developing one building alone, try to bring up any of them. You are going to have the most benefits if you get all your buildings to the same level. If you reach the upper levels it is going to take much longer to enhance the level. Click on a building you want to improve to see all possibilities for upgrades. By the way: You can make use of this tip for contracts as well.

7. Keep an eye on the supply

Sparta ResourcesTwo more buildings are very important if it comes to resources in Sparta. The warehouse and the granary determine what amount of resources you can harvest. It is a good idea to build more than one of them and to thrive forward the upgrading process. The further your city develops the more resources will be necessary to move forward.

8. Don’t forget the colonies

Try to conquer one or more colonies to receive more resources passively. Especially colonies that deliver drachmas can be very attractive. Go and visit the oracle by clicking on the building to discover all colonies available. At the beginning, try to find colonies that are not yet under control of other players to avoid conflicts.

9. Proceed while you sleep

Sparta MarketExperiencing big upgrade times? Keep them on hold until you are logging out. While you are offline you can easily upgrade your buildings or contracts without being blocked from doing anything else. When you log in the next day your upgrade is finished and you can focus on the developments consuming less time while you are online. By sticking to this behavior you can save a lot of time.

10. Keep the balance

Do not focus too much on your offensive units. Keep in mind that sooner or later enemies are trying to attack your city. To protect it you should have a good amount of defensive units. By clicking on the council you get an overview about your troups.